We Need You!

Committed volunteers are essential to the YMCA. People like you want to make a difference and through our programs we offer unique opportunities for personal growth and service to others. Volunteers are vital to our vision of being a leader in building strong kids, families, and communities. Together we can reach new heights and create positive experiences for everyone in our community and surrounding area.

How You Can Help
Planning for the enhancement of existing programs and creating new ones that support the YMCA mission is best done with the collective input from many creative minds. Everyone has something to offer and as a YMCA member your participation can be valuable contribution to our growth and effectiveness.

All of the programs we now offer and hope to add need coaches. We need supervisors in many areas including, but not limited to; after school programs, sports events, day care, and kids just coming to hang out in this positive environment. We want to be able to provide opportunities for everyone in our community. With volunteers lending a hand we see unlimited possibilities.

A facility like the YMCA is visited by hundreds of participants each week. Lightbulbs burn out, special cleaning is sometimes required, repairs may be needed and the signs need replacing. There is always something that can be easily taken care of in a few minutes with scheduled volunteer help.

We have a great history of having powerful fundraisers that Build a Strong Y. Our volunteers do a great job of planning and implementing such efforts. With your help we can keep up this pace and grow even better as we all new facilities like the recreation center and pool. If every member gives a little we can accomplish a lot.

We are pleased with your commitment to the Y. To be added to our volunteer list please contact your local branch. You will be provided an opportunity to significantly impact the effectiveness of your YMCA!